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Get your degree online

As life goes on, technology advance day by day, people are getting there high degree certificate though online studies why some still find it difficult to get admission in polytechnic or university.
Incase you don’t know, want you to know today that getting admission online is so easy than getting it offline. The great benefit in online study is that, someone can be living in Nigeria and get USA University degree without leaving your house and with this certificate, you can get job at any part of country. This is so amazing when you don’t have money for visa to travel out but wish to study in outside country.

How can you get your degree online

The first step is to google search some best online University that offer your perfect course, there is a lot of online University but some didn’t offer all courses, for example some offer only engineering courses, while some offer management course while some offer all the courses. Therefore, you need to do your research very well on any online University you wish to choose.

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After that, the next step is to register and pay for your admission fees, once you pay your admission fees them wait for your admission status. This will show either successful or not, in most case if you fill the registration form correctly, you will definitely get the admission approve. If your admission is successful them start your study online till you write your exam online. Note that, everything will be done online including test and some practical.

What you need for online study

The most important thing you need is your computer or your Internet phone with Internet data. As this will enable you to visit online class and study through the school’s website.

How do you get your degree certificate after finishing your study?

Most of people keep asking this question “how can I get my degree certificate after finishing online study” to get your certificate is not a problem at all, even, it’s so easy to get it. After paid for your school fees and other necessary thing, them your certificate will be send to your through email, them just go ahead and print it in color at any standard Cafe.

You can use this certificate at any organization across the country to seek for job without getting problem or issues.

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How to get admission into polytechnic without jamb



How to get admission into polytechnic without jamb

We have been receiving several email in official email, asking this question “is that any way to get admission in polytechnic or university in Nigeria without written JAMB which know as UTME now”.

I think people asked this question because of majority people fail this exam. I have seen someone who site up to 4 times for JAMB before get cut off mark in polytechnic and not even University.
Today, will answer all your questions in this article. Just make sure you read this article till end without omit any reliable information that we are passing in this article.

Firstly, a lot of people had been looking for admission into Higher Institution since 4 to 6 years because of failing UTME exam, when they could not met up with cut of Mark. But the true is that, you can get admission into polytechnic without sitting for JAMB and is very easy than to waste your time because of UTME

Getting Admission into polytechnic doesn’t only request for UTME, but you can also obtain a Daily part time [DPT] form and get admission easily. Majority of student think once you get admission into high Institution with DPT form, you will not be able to go for National Yount service Corp [NYSC]. This is 100 percent false. is ready to explain full time student and daily part time [DPT] student to you, just keep reading and enjoy this great review.

Full time student

Full time student are those who gain admission into higher Institution with UTME exam. That is, they have to pass JAMB according to the cut off mark of the institution they choose during registration. After they pass this, they will also sit for post UTME also and they must have the cut off mark in the post UTME that the institution required before giving them admission. Once the institution offer them admission, they qualify to go for NYSC service after finish thier Higher National Diploma [HND] without any other processing.

Daily part time student

Daily part time student are those who did not sit for UTME exam but obtain Admission form. In most Institute, they received lecture with full time student, you will not know may be this is full time or daily part time when they are in lecture room.
They also qualify for NYSC when finished their Higher National Diploma [HND] but will pay JAMB to get the UTME pin in other to qualify. At the time of writing this post, the payment is 15 thousand only, after paying this as daily part time student, you are qualify to go for NYSC service without any issues.
The payment always done when you gain admission into HND.
Note that, after finishing your OND with DPT program and you want to obtain form for HND, you need to obtain full time form directly from the school, so after giving you the admission, them, you will now pay extra 15 thousand to get your JAMB PIN.
the payment will be done in The school’s ICT center.

The most important thing to avoid is using wrong email which is not belong to you during the registration. If you used wrong email that you don’t have access on it, definitely you will pay another money to get your pin because JAMB will send your pin to your email that you used during registration. Therefore, be carefully and take note of this.

Another different thing between DPT and full time is DPT is own by the institution, that is, any money you pay as your school fees go to institute account but full time is own by government, all the money pay by full time goes to government account. That is why, in most cases, school recognize DPT more than full time student.

About the school fees

The difference between daily part time fees and full time is not much in most polytechnic in Nigeria, whenever full time ispaying 54 thousands in semester, DPT will be paying 62 thousands per semester. This only apply for OND, when you get to HND, you will pay the same amount because you will all recognize as full time student except those who wish to register as DPT.

How to get admission form

To get DPT form into polytechnic, you need to keep searching online for available school or drop your email in comment section in oder to receive direct free email immediately the form out in some polytechnic in Nigeria.

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