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Most powerful traditonal rulers in kogi state



Just few weeks ago, Kogi based social media users began questioning themselves about a very sensitive topic which is WHO IS THE MOST POWERFUL TRADITIOANL RULERS IN KOGI STATE?? which gave the rise to this particular post you are reading.

After series of researches by our experts, consulting the necessary people and agencies that can give us the legitimate answer to our trending question, below is the analysis;

Ohinoyi Of Ebira land

The Ohinoyi of Ebira land in person of Dr. Ado Ibrahim(CON) emerge as the most powerful king in Kogi state because of his good legacies he maintain in cause of Ebira land. Dr Ado has achieved so many awards of excellence for his powerful displays at all times and in all cases. If you all can recall, Dr. Ado Ibrahim is one of the most recognized king in Nigeria, His palace is the best Palace in the whole of west Africa, Dr. ado Ibrahim become the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland in the year 1980, ever since he become a king, no body has ever challenged him, his voice is always heard by the government and they act positively towards it. With In the year 2017 there was a time in which a military man was killed in Ebiraland which means the military will have to kill 100 civilians in Ebiraland for the replacement of a military man killed but because of his powerful influence, Dr. Ado Ibrahim calmed the situation and talk to presidency to call on the angry military men who lost their member.This has never happened in the history of life but Dr. Ado Ibrahim has done it because of his power and influence.


The late Attah of Igala late Michael Ameh Oboni II is a very powerful traditional ruler compared to other traditional rulers in kogi state. He was a man of integrity and a very dedicated person. It would be recalled that late Michael Ameh Oboni II became the king of igala kingdom after late Dr. Aliyu Obaje who ruled for about 56years. late Michael Ameh Oboni II is just a traditional ruler but he also an elite, he is well behaved and well cultured. late Michael Ameh Oboni II is very dedicated personality recalling from an interview he had with punch newspaper where he mentioned that he is the first Attah of Igala with one wife. This alone makes him uniqe and stands him out from other tradional leaders in kogi state.He was never a womanizer during his stay on earth.


The ruling Obaro of Kabba in person of Solomon Owoniyi was a retired customs officer, he is a man of peace with power feelings and words. It was recorded that Solomon Owoniyi becsme the obaro of kabba after which the throne was vacant for about 2years. It was also recalled that the people of kabba were not in support of Owoniyi appointment at the initial state but after awhile the people were now greatful for having such generous man as a ruler.


Thanks for reading this piece kindly know that this not the complete version of this article, kindly check back as we update you more about this particular topic. For any enquiry kindly reach us via email:

God bless you.

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How to get double data subscription on your sim



How to get double data subscription on your sim

We have three [3] major network in Nigeria which is Airtel, MTN, and Glo but when it comes to best data plan network, Glo become no one. Our research show that you can’t compare 1GB glo data to other 1GB data networks because the rate of charging data is low than other.
But in case of there network in your area, bring you how you can get double data with Airtel Sim card.

The simple logic mostly work on new Airtel Sim card. You can Firstly check your old Sim card if you are eligible for this offer but if you are not them advice you to go and get new Airtel Sim card in other to enjoy this offer.

How to check if you are eligible

To check if you are eligible for double data, press this code on your phone [*141#] them, you will see my offer at first line. Note if you don’t see *my offer* them, know that you are not qualify for the double data.
If you see *my offer* them you have to reply with 1, to show you some data offer avaliable for you.


Now, here you will see 1.5GB for 500 naira, 3GB for 1000 naira, 4GB for 1200 naira etc. If you check it and see that the offer is not really good for you may be your Sim is not new, them go and get new Sim card as they always come with better data offer. But if you are happy with the offer given to you them proceed by chosen the on you like E.g 1.5GB for 500 naira only or 3GB for 1000 naira, you may choose 4GB which is 1200 naira only and so on.

How to check airtel data

To check your double data on ur airtel Sim card, just dai this code [*140#] them you will receive a message contain your data balance.

If you are using MTN, they also have this data offer but in different way. MTN data offer is for only new Sim card which is not more than 6-month. If you buy new MTN Sim today, them you will be given double data which is automatic, you don’t need to dai any code to check may be you eligible or not, just subscribe and you will receive the double data.

How to subscribe MTN data

To subscribe on MTN data dai this code [*131#] them, you will see *buy data* reply with number and them choose your perfect data, may be daily, weekly, or monthly.

How to check MTN data balance

If you want to know the total balance of your MTN data, them dai this code on your phone [*131*4#] you will receive your total balance immediately.

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