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Federal government start 774000 Empowerment | read how to apply



Federal government start 774000 Empowerment | read how to apply

You are welcome to reporter, The Nigeria Federal government has started the commencement of the Special on waiting program aimed to employing 774,000 Nigeria citizens, the report said, each local government to produce one thousand [1000] intrested citizen.

This announcement was made today through official Twitter handle by Nigerian work agency on Tuesday.
According to the report gathered from one of through the official Twitter said,

“The Special Public Works Programme of the Federal Government has kicked off nationwide. The State Selection Committees have been inaugurated and have commenced work,” it said.

This announcement comes to amidst a row between the employment and Ministry of Labour and the National Assembly in Abuja to know how the programme should be organize and It also, this comes like a week after the National Assembly asked that the programme be suspended at that time.


Two weeks ago, the Minister of State for Labour, Festus Keyamo, and the joint committee on labour were involved in a some calamity of words last week over the planned employment of 774,000 the Nigerians by the government.

According to the report from 2020 budget, N52 billion has been allocated for this Special Public Works Programme.

Mr Keyamo accused the lawmakers of wanting to sabotage the recruitment process despite receiving 15 per cent jobs slots.

The National Directorate of Employment (NDE), according to the lawmakers, is meant to implement the recruitment under a special works programme.

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How to apply for 774,000 Empowerment

You may be thinking how you can benefit from this program despite that those leader who onthe top are ready to share all the slot within then self but you have to try your luck.

To apply for this public work, kindly please go to NDE office in your state and register for this Special Public Works know as 774000 Empowerment which the exercise going on now in the whole Nigeria federation.

Requirements to qualify
If you have below details them you are qualified for this great opportunity.

Your Name
phone number
Account number
bank name
your LGA
and political ward.

Kindly know that this Empowerment is for everybody, it doesn’t matter may be you are educated or not, it doesn’t matter maybe you have certificate or not. Therefore, once you are one of Nigeria citizen and you have what have been listed above, you can proceed to NDE office at your state and obtain the form and fill it.
Thank you. Don’t forget to drop your comment and share through social media.

Note that You can’t fill for another person.

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Hon. Halidu Kadoka is determined to take Okene Local Government Council to its rightful place in the Committee of Area Counlcils in the the Nigeria focusing on quality and purposeful leadership, rural development, health, agriculture, youth cum women empowerment, educational development, peace and security and infrastructural development.

His intent is to build bridges, relationships, networks and synergies that will further hasten the development of our Local Government Area.

Hon Kadoka has beforehands built unity across party lines as championed by our digital and dynamic Governor, H.E. ALH. YAHAYA ADOZA BELLO, and with the spirit of EBIGO, we shall be dealing with all the dwellers of our council area regardless of who they are and where they belong as development can only thrive in a peaceful atmosphere.
Welfare of the people shall be Kadoka’s topmost priority.

Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed. Hon. Kadoka has in common time shown to be people’s centered personality and an advocate of Zero tolerance to negligence.


Support the man with a plan, vision and desire to transform our OKENE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA to a center of attraction.

Hon. Halidu Abdullahi KADOKA is our resolved mandate for CHAIRMAN, OKENE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA

Together and selflessly, we can make OKENE LOCAL GOVERNMENT GREAT!

Signed: Kadoka Media Teams

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A Media Warlord OGEJAH NDANUSA KABIRU better know by his Media name PRINCE DONAK has commends Governor Yahaya Bello over the move to conduct Local Government Election.

In his statement, he said ” I want to specially congratulate his Excelleny Gov. Yahaya Bello and his Deputy, Chief David Edward Onoja on the recent victory at the supreme Court. It’s obvious that the judgement is a victory for the masses especially the downtrodden, bringing an end to distractions”.

“First they ignored you, then they laugh and fight against you thinking you won’t make it, then you surprised them by coming out victoriously.

I knew you could do it, I know you would attain this success very soon and easily than anyone can achieve it and that’s as a result of your commitment to the development of your state, “God is not a man”.

If Oscars were given for a job well done for the most performing Governor, I would nominate you over and over and over again.
Congratulations for your fantastic achievement your excelleny.

The pragmatic, articulated, rugged and ever dogged Media Warlord Prince Donak went further to commended Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello over successful composition and inauguration of Kogi State Independent Electoral Commission (KSIEC).

The top-notch media Warlord stated that, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is not just the quintessential Pride of Kogi people alone but the entire Nigerians.

According to his statement, “the singular move by Governor Yahaya Bello to conduct local government election immediately after his supreme victory at the supreme Court within this shortest possible time was a clear manifestation of what in Igala parlance is called “Okokobioko – Akabélé Kia chabélé (the pragmatic talk and do leader)” while in Ebira is called ” Ozi udu obanyi ana amé ebiri udu (the great Lion that behave as one)”.

The statement further stressed that, it is the singular concept of “Ozi oboro” that guides the political philosophy and ideology of Ebira founding fathers and political sage such as Senator A.T Ahmed (may his soul rest in in the bosom of the Lord).

The Media Guru particularly commended Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello and his Siamese twins ( running mate) Chief Edward David Onoja for showing exceptional commitment to good governance in the state.

The Media Icon stressed that with the level of preparation going on towards the conduct of local government election, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is clearly matching his words with equal action adding that Kogi state is blessed to have governor Yahaya Adoza Bello and Chief Edward David Onoja at the helms of affairs at this critical time of economic downturn.

The Media Gladiator (Prince Donak) charged the members of APC across the state to take the message of hope and redemption from retrogression and backwardness being championed by the Governor and his Deputy to every nooks and crannies of the state.

Prince Donak, however expressed his optimism that with the current trends and happenings in the state, championed by the APC led Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, the state will continue to entrench good governance, fair play, transparency, and accountability adding that the Gov. Yahaya Bello led government has taken the bar of governance to an enviable status that can never be allowed to be compromised again.


He prayed that, May Allah Subahanallah wa Ta’ala continue to Guide, Guard, Direct, Sustain, Protect and grant him the wisdom as he settles down to provide & sustain the required developmental strive already started by his Dynamically productive Administration.


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Most powerful traditonal rulers in kogi state



Just few weeks ago, Kogi based social media users began questioning themselves about a very sensitive topic which is WHO IS THE MOST POWERFUL TRADITIOANL RULERS IN KOGI STATE?? which gave the rise to this particular post you are reading.

After series of researches by our experts, consulting the necessary people and agencies that can give us the legitimate answer to our trending question, below is the analysis;

Ohinoyi Of Ebira land

The Ohinoyi of Ebira land in person of Dr. Ado Ibrahim(CON) emerge as the most powerful king in Kogi state because of his good legacies he maintain in cause of Ebira land. Dr Ado has achieved so many awards of excellence for his powerful displays at all times and in all cases. If you all can recall, Dr. Ado Ibrahim is one of the most recognized king in Nigeria, His palace is the best Palace in the whole of west Africa, Dr. ado Ibrahim become the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland in the year 1980, ever since he become a king, no body has ever challenged him, his voice is always heard by the government and they act positively towards it. With In the year 2017 there was a time in which a military man was killed in Ebiraland which means the military will have to kill 100 civilians in Ebiraland for the replacement of a military man killed but because of his powerful influence, Dr. Ado Ibrahim calmed the situation and talk to presidency to call on the angry military men who lost their member.This has never happened in the history of life but Dr. Ado Ibrahim has done it because of his power and influence.


The late Attah of Igala late Michael Ameh Oboni II is a very powerful traditional ruler compared to other traditional rulers in kogi state. He was a man of integrity and a very dedicated person. It would be recalled that late Michael Ameh Oboni II became the king of igala kingdom after late Dr. Aliyu Obaje who ruled for about 56years. late Michael Ameh Oboni II is just a traditional ruler but he also an elite, he is well behaved and well cultured. late Michael Ameh Oboni II is very dedicated personality recalling from an interview he had with punch newspaper where he mentioned that he is the first Attah of Igala with one wife. This alone makes him uniqe and stands him out from other tradional leaders in kogi state.He was never a womanizer during his stay on earth.


The ruling Obaro of Kabba in person of Solomon Owoniyi was a retired customs officer, he is a man of peace with power feelings and words. It was recorded that Solomon Owoniyi becsme the obaro of kabba after which the throne was vacant for about 2years. It was also recalled that the people of kabba were not in support of Owoniyi appointment at the initial state but after awhile the people were now greatful for having such generous man as a ruler.


Thanks for reading this piece kindly know that this not the complete version of this article, kindly check back as we update you more about this particular topic. For any enquiry kindly reach us via email:

God bless you.

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