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7 lucrative business you can start with low capital



7 lucrative business you can start with low capital

According to the business research and analysis from, here are the top 7 lucrative  businesses you can start in Nigeria with amount of N50,000.

1.  Poultry business

Poultry business

Presently in Nigeria, poultry business remain no one business that you can start with low capital and make high profit. Although, if you are rich enough, you can invest over 2 millions on poultry business likewise if you have at least 50,000 You can start your poultry in the back of your house and make high profit on it, yes, it’s easy if you good enough to manage business.

This is what you need

Lucrative business

100 days of chicken
create a good and big cage like a type of battery cage
buy the fodder and voila

With this three things mentioned above, your company is done and the comfort is good. Every successful business has is own risk but on this business you have the low risk and low capital to start. It is before someone will bought 5 chicken and the 5 will die but now there is some liquid drug that you will always mix it with water and nothing will happen to your chicken. advice you to do some extra research about the maintenance before going to it.

2. Catfish farming business

When it comes to a lucrative business in Nigeria with low capital, catfish farming business is no 2.It is a lucrative enough and low stress  business. What you need is to understand the basics and is telling you that with just 40, 000, you will get 2 big drums, buy fingerlings, buy food and with that, your business is ready. The benefit is yours. You need access to water, but there is great comfort business and very low risk.

3. Making Shawarma / barbeque

Making shawarma is another business you can start with low capital in Nigeria, This business is viable and what you need is to know how to make shawarma and fry and after this, you  have to buy a roasting machine and get the shawarma ingredients. You can hire an expert and look for a profitable location by doing feasibility research (like a hotel).

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You have low risk  and there is huge profit potential, if you have money to running this business very well. With 50, 000, you can start the business.

4. Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning business

Dry cleaning is one of lucrative business in Nigeria As we have many people who find it difficult to wash their clothes. The good news about this business is, when you open a shop in a street, research show that, 40 percent of those who are washing their clothes by themselves will become lazy and start coming to you. Just try this and you will see what is talking about.  you can also do it from home, you just need a water, you can hire a guy who will iron the cloths for you or do it by your self, you also need to buy a washing machine and a 3 kva generator incase no light.
Very low risk and profitable business

5. Phone sales

You can make hug money by selling phones either London use or new, all you need to do is just buy low price phones and get a glass, look for a good place, and that is all.  You need minimum capital to start this business

This business is a very profitable business and it does not require close control, as long as you can record the account of the number of phones (you can place a trusted person there and do other business that will fetch you money), you need a good location if you want to make it faster on this business.

6. Fast food sales

Selling fast food is a good business that can fetch you income everyday. You just need a good location  and set up a fast food connection. You also need to hire some people who will help you in time of cooking and washing of plate.

7. CD sales

CD seller business

Majority of people didn’t know that this is one of profitable business in Nigeria. you just need to buy American movies and English movies at a low price each and them sell it at higher price. This is one hundred percent profit because when you order for a single CD at the rate of 100 naira and you resell it at rate of 200 naira [your profit is 100 per cent]  with this type of business, you can be sure to bring something home, but the risk is high because you have to be in a busy place before you can succeed in sales, you also need to monitor your business, otherwise you may end up on  working for your employees.

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Research by: SMD king 
puplished by: Instablog team


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Good day esteem readers I want to really appreciate you all for choosing INSTABLOGKOGI as your number one reliable plug where you always fall back to anytime you need help and needs to sort out your selves with some life difficulties.

We sincerely received your mails making enquiry from us about how you can start a business with low capital in Kogi state. Without wasting much of your time let us quickly go straight to the solution of your problems.

As you all know, Kogi state is one of the fast developing states in Nigeria and it tends to contain people who are willing to start their own business i.e. to be the boss of their selves but the choice of business is really not available for them which am going to share with you right now.


fast food business is one of the businesses I will suggest to you because food is something very essential in our life, as you all know you all know no human being will be able to live comfortable without food.

As a fast food business owner, you’re not just making money but your are also saving peoples live by providing food for them when the need arise.

Fast food business does not require a lot of capital as it has been stated on the heading of this article, mind you, after so many research/findings on internet and from people who already venture un the business, we finally finds out that you can actually start this business with about N15,000 naira and earn at least N3000 daily.

Here is just the idea of the business, as you continue to check on our page, we’re going to analyses to you on how to start and how to manage your start up funds to remain on the business without sinking.

OKIRIKA(second hand clothing)

Okirika popularly known as BEND DOWN SELECT  is one of the most economical means of wearing cloths nowadays in Kogi state reason is because of the little economic situation that Kogi state is going through which makes is obvious that not everybody can afford to buy new cloths.

Meanwhile cloth is very important to human being as well. No normal human being will not like to put on cloth on his/her body on a daily bases.

As an Okirika seller in Kogi state, the rate of your sales will surely be high because it’s on a very high demand among the people. The sweetest part of this business is that you can make about 300% profit per sale on this business. Imagine buying a second hand cloth for N150 and sold it at the rate of N600 isn’t that awesome? Yea of course it is.

With our findings once can start a bend down select business with N10, 000 and gain at least N2000 as gain averagely per day.

N.B: stay connected with our next post as we’re going to explain the advantages and disadvantages on Okirika business.


Some of you may think Okada business requires huge start funds which are completely not; yea on this post I will show you how you can start your own Okada business without having a penny of your own as a start up funds.

Here is Kogi state you can start your Okada business by meeting those large enterprise that deals with distribution of bikes, on meeting those company you make your proposal to them about the new business idea you got, on accepting your proposal, you as an individual will sign an agreement with the company on how you are going to pay back for the bike you are given.

In some cases the agreement is always that; the individual remits money for the company on a daily bases which is between N2000-N4000 every day. On delivery, you as an individual will get at least N2000 of your own which means you can make N6000 daily while doing your bike business. You can imagine using N500 as your daily feeding fees while you keep N1500 for your self isn’t is awesome?

If you continue to this for a whole month do you know you can get nothing less than N45, 000 after every month ending.

N.B: this Okada business is not mostly recommended for women, with our research only man can handle this business effectively without sinking anytime soon.


After series of research, we discovered that Fresh tomato business is currently a cool business in Kogi state which anyone will low capital can quickly venture on and excess with a short period of time. This business doesn’t require any extracurricular skills which mean even an illiterate can start this business and make a lot gain. On starting this business the only thing you know when the goods are available, so you can get it on time and sell to final consumers because if you don’t do this on time, being a perishable commodity, it can quickly spoil and it will lose market value because it is no longer useful when it perish.

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On our research, we finds out that you can start a tomato business with as low as N3000 and you will gain X2 per basket sale. During our findings, we interview a woman who told us that she has being on this tomato business and she has been doing well, paying her children school fees and taking good care of herself and her husband without any stress, finally she told us that tomato business is very profitable.


selling Garri in Kogi state will earn you a lot money because Garri is mostly needed. If you check around you will discover that Garri is a common man food which most people can’t do without.

Starting Garri business in Kogi state in Kogi state is very easy because it does not require large start up funds; an average Garri seller earns lot nothing less than N2000 naira everyday from her sales. The coolest part of the business is that you can actually start a Garri business with N5000. You can buy from whole sellers and sell to the final consumers.

Another mind blowing thing about Garri sales is that you can actually eat from it whenever you’re hungry which means it has a very good advantage to the seller and also the buyer.

Thank you for visit if you have any questions drop it here or email us at Also, don’t forget to share to your friends.


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How to Start mini importation business in Nigeria



What is mini importation?

According to experience, the mini importation can be defined as buying mini goods and services from other country through shipping to your own country and resell it in other to make some profit.
Starting mini importation business in Nigeria can totally change the story of your life if you know how to manage a business.

Here are benefit of mini importation business

1. You can make 200 to 500 percent profit on a single product
2. You will get cheap product from overseas, China, USA. etc
3. You will become boss of yourself
4. You work at home at comfort time

So, what are you waiting for? You may be think of hug capital to start this business but this is wrong, you don’t need high capita before starting mini importation. Let me tell you the true, a friend of mine started mini importation with just five thousand naira only [5000] and now, he has made over seven hundred thousand naira [700, 000] and is not up to a year before this pandemic period.

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Imagine having just 5000 naira to make millions within few years, yes you can do it if you can think it. will show you step by step how you will succeed in mini importation business. Don’t forget to subscribe and drop your comment.

What you need to start mini importation business

Mini importation business

Some people will start looking for a shop whenever they want to start business, some will get the shop with all thier money so they will start looking for another means to generate money in other to buy goods and services to the shop. We are in a computer age, where we get free online shop without paying any amount till you old. Instead of using your money to rent shop, why can’t you use it to order for product from overseas. Let me quickly show you how you can manage your five thousand naira and become millionaire. Note that, this is not a day job, it will take you some years to achieve this but that is what will call business.
You need Internet phone with data or a computer and at least 5000 naira, that is all.

Step to start mini importation business

Step 1
Research : If you don’t want to waste your time and money, make a time to do some research in your area, community to know best product that people always need. Do online research also, to know what people order online because you also open online shop. After knowing that, move to next step.

Step 2
Look for best online importation company like alibaba, aliexpres, 1688 etc that you can get cheap goods from. You have to start with lite weight products like hair, bangles, hand watch, fashion bags etc.
To get best company with cheapest price, just do some Google research.

Step 3
Look for shipping address: this may be ur house address, but recommended to use any post office around you, so when your order arrive, just go there and pick your product.

Step 4
Create your online shop : use social media to create your online shop like creating Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter account, Whasapp group etc. After creating your page, them start advertise those product you want to order. What you need is to get the picture and start post it to your online shop.

Step 5
Order for your product : now it is time for you to order for your product through any cheap online importation company, with your 5000 naira, you can order for 5 to 6 fashionable bag at rate of 850 per each bag, when you want to resell it, you can sell it at rate of 2500 to 3000 naira per each. My friend start with fashionable bag also and that time, he bought each bag at rate of 870.58 and sold it 3500 each. Let assuming with stress and transport, each bags comes with rate of 1000 naira and he sold it 3500, that is profit of 2500 on a single product, now multiply by the 5 bags he bought, that is 12, 500 naira profit in a fist order. You will see that this is a great business that can change your life.

Problem of mini importation

The most and common problem people facing in online mini importation business that makes majority quit is lack of customers. If you buy products and you don’t see someone to order it from you like 3 month, how would you feel? Definitely discourage but this only happen when you fail to do some research as mentioned before in other to know what people want. If you can follow our instructions, them you have low risk starting this business.

Let have your question, or if you need loan to start this business or you want us to recommend best and cheapest online importation company for you, is ready to help you out. Just drop your comment below.
Thank you.

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